The Giants: A Deep Dive Into The Team That’s Been A Mess Since 2011

Aftermath Of SB XLVI: What Was Next?

Eli Manning, face of the Giants.
Eli Manning, the face of the Giants
Jerry Reese

A Quick Recap

@benbbaldwin is a legend

The Giants’s Quarterbacks

Through the ups and downs, Eli’s been the guy.
2011 Quarterbacks versus 2012–2019 (Oh Eli)
Eli Manning’s numbers after 2010.
A struggle.
Compared to other QBs
Daniel Jones Year by Year
Not inspiring, to say the least for Daniel Jones.
Brett’s tweet surprisingly is still valid (or unsurprisingly?)

Free Agency

Andrew Thomas (#78) and Nate Solder
Damon Harrison (#98) and Olivier Vernon (#54)
Odell Beckham Jr.
For the 2018 Season

The Giants’ Culture

“I know with myself, [Harrison], Odell, [Vernon], all we wanted to do was win, and we spoke up because we had to get them to listen to us,” Collins said. “We had to get them to get us winning pieces to help us at least be contenders… I think we were too vocal, and that platform was bigger than the Giants, you know, and our words stood out more. And … if it’s not good media, they don’t want that kind of media.” (ESPN)

“You got OBJ, the best receiver in the game, and you get rid of him because you think he’s … a locker room problem?” he said. “And, knowing him personally, knowing him, how he was as a person and as a brother to me, and a brother to everyone in the locker room, he made sure everybody in the locker room was smiling … and he went out there to work, each and every day. He didn’t say nothing when he came to play in a football game. He didn’t say nothing when he came to practice. All he wanted to do was win.” (ESPN)

John Mara

The Drafts

Ereck Flowers

The *Recent* Trades

Leonard Williams

How About Now?

Jaylen Waddle (17) and Devonta Smith (6)



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